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Family disputes are stressful and mentally exhausting, even if it’s amicable.  It is essential that you have an understanding of the process.  Our attorneys understand the emotional, psychological, and financial repercussions such a decision has on the people involved.

Where do I file? What do I file? Where do I get the forms? What is the law? How is property divided? What is custody?  Who has custody? How much is paid in child support?  How is the debt divided? Can I move out of Massachusetts?  These are just a few of the questions that will come up in a divorce.

If there are children involved, parties will have a connection for the rest of their lives.  It is incumbent upon attorneys to recognize this and understand the intricacy of this relationship.

We understand this complexity, and we possess the expertise to provide an optimal solution for you, whether it be through mediation or litigation.

Our Family Law practice is managed by Assunta D. Perez, Esq.  Assunta graduated Suffolk Law School in 1991. While attending law school, she co-edited a book with Professor Marc Perlman.  She also testified before the Massachusetts State Legislature on the issue of the present and future needs of the children in a divorce.

Since graduating Law School, for the past 25 years she has been continued to represent clients in all aspects of Family Law.   She also served as a Mock Trial Advisor for Hull High School for a number of years.  Educated, experienced, tough and compassionate are some of the adjectives that best describe her.

Not only does she have considerable experience in litigation, she is also a trained mediator and a member of Massachusetts Counsil on Family Mediation.

More importantly, she is passionate about her work.  Having gone through a divorce herself, she shares empathy with her clients, both male and female, and understands the feelings that are now part of their everyday life, including, hurt, frustration, anger, fear, concern and pain.   She utilizes that empathy and combines it with her training and experience to provide her clients excellent legal services that address their specific issues.



The question isn’t just if you are eligible for alimony but what type you might be entitled to.



If you are thinking about adopting, give us a call, we are here to help.

Child Custody

Child Custody

There are two types of custody in Massachusetts, legal and physical.

Child Support

Child Support

Child Support is one of the most highly contentious issues that parents have to deal with.

Contempt & Modification

Contempt & Modification

Assistance with issues after divorce.

Debt & Property Division

Property Division

Questions regarding marital debt and property division arise regardless of the length of marriage.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce & Separation

Questions regarding marital debt and property division arise regardless of the length of marriage.

Litigation vs. Mediation

Litigation vs. Mediation

Whether you are going through mediation or actual litigation, we can help.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans

Our attorneys are trained at developing plans that work for everyone, especially the children, without making the situation more contentious.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Fair and reasonable agreements can be a practical solution to new marriages and concerns about unequal assets.

Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

Sometimes relationships go beyond being strained and a party becomes the victim of domestic violence.

Separate Support & Paternity

Separate Support & Paternity

Although the parties may not have been married, they both still have an obligation to their child(ren).


I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Perez on several complicated family matters in both the Essex and Middlesex Probate and Family Courts. She has an outstanding reputation with the courts and her knowledge of probate law is outstanding. We were able to reach a resolution on our cases to our clients’ collective satisfaction and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Simply put, there are some lawyers that I look forward to working with and Attorney Perez is certainly one of them. I endorse her enthusiastically.

Donald Pitman

I can not say enough good things about DaMore Law firm and especially Assunta Perez! I was in a horrible situation for my family when I decided I needed to reach out to an attorney. I’m so glad I did because she quite literally saved the day for us! Assunta is a super personable, understanding and compassionate person really felt she cared about me, my boys and wanted the best for us. I felt listened to and understood but most of all I felt confident in her abilities. As sweet and compassionate as she was to us, when the time came where she needed to step up and push for us, I saw her professional, take no bull attitude. It was impressive! Her knowledge and expertise are top notch- without having hired her counsel we would be in a very different place in our lives. She really is in the perfect niche field as an attorney – having enough sensitivity to deal with the families behind the cases, but having that top prosecutor blood running through her veins to get the deal done for you! Highly recommend retaining her services if you’re looking for a family law attorney.

Melissa H.

I endorse this lawyer. Assunta is smart, personable and dedicated to her clients. She is highly regarded by her peers. I have referred many clients over the years and they have all been very satisfied with the legal representation that they received.

Randy Shuman

Assunta D. Perez worked with my family on an issue involving false allegations and a Restraining Order. The outcome of the case was just what we wanted. Assunta made sure that with the evidence she was able to prove that the allegations were false and the order was terminated. I would definitely recommend using DaMore Law for legal services and specifically Assunta D. Perez for her professionalisms and attention to detail that she exhibited throughout our entire case.

Tashaun W.

The entire staff at Damore law was excellent. I recently purchased a home and Attorney Assunta Perez handled the closing. It could not have gone smoother. She was organized and had all paperwork prepared which allowed for a quick and easy transaction. Do not hesitate to use Damore Law.

John K.

Assunta did a great job dealing with my dad’s will through probate and very professionally managed a delicate family issue that arose.  I’m grateful that she was responsive, caring and a calming force for me when I needed it most.

Cathy F.

Assunta Perez is a very hard-working attorney that will always fight for you. She excepts all challenges from every direction and manages all types of interference very well. She is poised with professionalism and good character. She is the attorney that you want to work for you. I highly recommend Assunta. It was enjoyable working with her over the past 13 months of my divorce.

Dean P.

Assunta Perez handled our closing when we purchased our house and did an excellent job. Very professional and detail oriented, she made sure every little detail was taken care of and had our best interest in mind. The closing was done quickly and any questions we had were answered quickly. I totally recommend Damore law and Assunta Perez for any legal matters that you need help with! A+++

Mike L.

Attorney Assunta Perez was professional, extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed through the whole process.  I would recommend Attorney Perez to everyone, as my experience with her was outstanding!!

David D.

Working with Assunta was great.  She is knowledgeable and professional.  Divorce can be very difficult and you need the right guidance to help you through it.  I highly recommend Assunta.

Anthony F.

The entire staff at Damore law was excellent. I recently purchased a home and Attorney Assunta Perez handled the closing. It could not have gone smoother. She was organized and had all paperwork prepared which allowed for a quick and easy transaction. Do not hesitate to use Damore Law.

John K.

Attorney Assunta Perez was my divorce lawyer.  She was terrific.  Very caring and experienced!  In addition, she is down to earth and her fees are reasonable.  I am very happy with her hard work!!  If you need an honest, awesome attorney, give Assunta Perez a call!

Nelia D.

I was in dire need of an attorney last April and didn’t have a clue where to go. The Lord lead my wife and I to Attorney Assunta Perez. This firm provided me the services beyond my expectations. We are eternally grateful. Thank you.

Khomie G.

Assunta set up our house so our daughter was executive of the house as my husband has dementia. This was we save the house from a nursing home taking it. She did an awesome job.

Martha D.

Assunta Perez is the consummate professional. She’s pleasant to work with but every bit the zealous advocate any client would want on their side. Whether its tough litigation, coming to the negotiating table, or crafting creative solutions, Assunta is a talented attorney and excels at it all. It’s attorneys like Assunta that elevate all attorneys: when you see her on the other side, you bring your very best because you know you are going up against the best. Our profession is fortunate to have her among its ranks, and any client she represents is just as fortunate. She knows her clients’ goals and she knows how to achieve them.

William Hickey

I had hired Assunta Perez for a case for family court that I was going through. She did an amazing job. I was happy with my results leaving the court room. There was a lot of back and forth between Assunta and the other lawyer, but Assunta told me to relax and stay calm and let her handle what needs to be handled, and she did just that. She is amazing. Professional, hard working and extremely tough and when I say tough, TOUGH! She always listened and made sure I was aware of every possibility of what can happen in my case. She made sure there were no surprises. I would definitely hire her again or recommend her to anyone. One last thing I would say, is that she was side by side with me throughout my whole case and just a phone call away when I needed her.

Steven H.

Bought a condo and Attorney Perez represented us.  Would highly recommend her team!

Agnes N.

I can’t say enough kind things about Assunta Perez, she helped me through my divorce process when my husband left. She was extremely patient with me, and even helped me meet my current therapist. She was highly knowledgeable about the process and stood up for me in court and fought for me during negotiations. She has my complete trust and I know that she considers what’s best for me. I am extremely grateful to her.

Heather G.

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