Contempt and Modification


A Complaint for Contempt asks the Court to compel a party to comply with an Order or Judgment of that Court. Some of the issues raised in a contempt action are:

  • Life Insurance;
  • Alimony and/or Child support;
  • Parenting Time;
  • College Expenses.
  • Contribution to Uninsured medical expenses.

If there is a Temporary Order or a Judgment, that has been issued by the Court, and you believe the other party is not in compliance, give us a call.

If you are served with a Complaint for Contempt, alleging that you have failed to comply with an order or judgment of the Court, give us a call.

Not all issues of noncompliance will meet the requirements of a contempt.  It is important to have someone who understands the law working on your behalf.  So, whether you are seeking to file a Complaint for Contempt or are served with a contempt, we will review the pleadings and determine what is the proper course of action for you. Although such an award is in the sole discretion of the Court, we can also seek attorney’s fees on your behalf.


Your Divorce, Paternity Action, Custody, to name a few is completed and an Agreement and/or Judgment has been entered by the Court.  Time has passed and the terms of the Judgment or the Agreement, are no longer working.  What can you do?  A Complaint for Modification is filed when a party is seeking a change to the most recent agreement/judgment.

A modification can be complicated and just as emotional as the action.   This, coupled with the fact that not all issues can be modified, it is important to seek experienced legal assistance, that’s where the attorneys at Damore Law come in.

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