Marital Debt and Property Division

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You no longer want to be married.  Whether it’s a short-term marriage or a long-term marriage, questions regarding marital debt and property division will arise.  Who takes what property? Was the property brought into the marriage by one of the parties? Is it a family heirloom?  Who should pay what debt? When was the debt incurred?  What type of debt is it? Is there a business that needs to be valued?  Should the asset be sold or transferred to one party? These are just some of the questions that may arise in your divorce.

What are assets and debts you may ask?   Bank accounts, retirement accounts, stock, stock options, business entity, real estate, mortgages, credit cards, and college loans are some of the debts and assets that may need to be addressed in your divorce.

Whether you are litigating these matters or have chosen mediation, give us a call.  DaMore Law can assist you and, when necessary, we work with other professionals, i.e. accountants and business valuators.

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