Real Estate Lawyers

When it comes to buying or selling homes, having a real estate attorney present is incredibly important. However, the roles and tasks that a real estate attorney completes are not always common knowledge. Exactly, what do real estate lawyers do? Let us take a look so you can better understand their responsibilities.


Essentially, the main responsibility of a real estate attorney is about ensuring the real estate transaction happens in a fair and honest manner. This includes making sure each and every law is followed. Typically, a real estate lawyer enters the picture once the real estate agents have established a price and the contents of the contract. And it includes a number of tasks, as we will get into. 

 Living Trust

Much like the name implies, a living trust designates a “trustee.” This is someone of your choice to manage your property. A living trust can also save money on taxes in the long run.


First, the state of Massachusetts requires a real estate attorney to be present during the closing on a home. In fact, it is not legal to close without one. This is not required in every state in the U.S. However, you do need to be represented by a lawyer in Massachusetts.

Sale Agreements

Another important responsibility is purchase and sale agreements. They will look over the written agreements to make sure everything is in order. This includes contingencies, protecting your interests, and even negotiating price if an issue is brought up early enough in the process.


When disputes arise, attorneys get involved. There are many types of disputes that call for the assistance of an attorney. They can include disputes over damages, property lines, breach of contracts, financing and rent disputes, and more.


Sometimes an issue may present itself at the last moment before closing. A real estate attorney will do a walkthrough to tackle any last-minute problems. Additionally, they will contact all parties involved to reach a fair resolution if the problem requires it.

A Team Dedicated To You

These are just a few of the responsibilities a real estate attorney will handle for you. When it comes to Real Estate, DaMore Law does the work behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry. We address issues early on to save you stress in the future and eliminate unwanted surprises. Contact us today to learn more!