The Right Real Estate Attorney

When it comes to hiring the right real estate attorney, it is important not to settle for just anyone. They serve the role of mitigating the transaction, making sure everything goes smoothly, fairly, and in accordance with the law. This includes reviewing the contracts, negotiating any necessary repairs, and more. That is, choosing the right real estate attorney should be taken very seriously. With that said, here are five factors to consider for hiring the right real estate attorney in Massachusetts.


First off, reputation is key. Are they trusted in their communities? Do they have references to prove they are knowledgeable, hard-working, and reputable? Doing research through their website, company reviews, and contacting them directly will give you a good idea of how notable their reputation is.


Second, it is important to consider their experience. This goes for both how long they have been working in real estate, as well as the variety of cases in the past. Fifteen to twenty years of experience is ideal. Additionally, making sure they have handled cases similar to yours is important.


One thing that can easily get overlooked is whether the real estate attorney has education specifically in Massachusetts law. Indeed, having a law degree is highly important when considering hiring them. But you also want to make sure they are educated and well-versed in Massachusetts law specifically. Laws can vary state-to-state, so this will save you headaches down the road.


Have you done your research on attorney’s fees before hiring? The price of attorney fees can vary depending on the case as well as their own rates. Negotiating a price ahead of time will be important when choosing your real estate attorney.


Finally, you need a real estate attorney you can count on. Are they clear communicators? How often will you be in touch with them? Simply put, you want open and honest lines of communication throughout the entire process. Always consider this when hiring someone for real estate.

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