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Tips For Getting Ready To Sell Your House

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The Process Of Buying A Foreclosed Home

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5 Factors To Consider For Hiring The Right Real Estate Attorney

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What Do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

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3 Things To Know About Settlement Statements Before Closing

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5 Reasons You Need Title Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance for Home Purchases in MA

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ICYMI – FHA MI Rates Are Dropping this Month

Update Jan. 20, 2017: The Trump administration cancelled this rate change.  Attention FHA Home Buyers,… FHA MI Rates are dropping this month! The new, lower rates apply to the monthly... Read More

Mortgage Points | Should You Pay Points on Your Mortgage?

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What is a Clear to Close for MA Home Purchases?

If you are using a mortgage for a MA home purchase, obtaining a clear to close is very important. It means that your loan has met all of the mortgage... Read More