Home sales figures will tell you quite a bit about the condition of a particular market. Things willl fluctuate continuously, so it is helpful to stay up to date if you are contemplating selling or buying in Burlington. The 1st quarter 2016 Burlington MA condo property sale statistics below includes updated figures.

Burlington MA condo Property Prices

Average selling prices offer a simple snapshot of a particular market. The average selling price of condo real estate in Burlington MA for the 1st quarter 2016 was 394460. During the preceding year, that figure was $242,225. This is a 62.85 % change. Before that, the amount was $564,000.

2016 $394,460
2015 $242,225
2014 $564,000

Number of Listings Sold in Burlington MA

Number of listings sold tell you a few things about the real estate market. Few sales typically reflect low inventory, which contributes to pent up demand and escalate home prices. This may be found in a sellers market. Alternatively, a lot of inventory may result in a surplus. Buyers may receive the upper-hand in that case as sellers must compete to get their real estate sold.

In Burlington MA during the 1st quarter 2016, the number of listings sold was 5. This shows a 25% difference from the previous year (which was4). Prior to that, it adjusted 100% from 2 to 4.

2016 5
2015 4
2014 2

Burlington MA Average Days On Market for the 1st Quarter 2016

Average days on market describes how long it requires for a house to get under agreement. It can tell you how active the market may be and what leverage, if any, you may have as either a seller or buyer. When listings are selling in a short time frame, as a home buyer, you may not have the benefit of waiting very long to act as the home might no longer be available. As a home seller, it is critical to maintain sensible expectations on how long the process of selling may take. Keep in mind that the price and presentation of a particular house will influence that as well.

The Average days on market in Burlington MA for the 1st quarter decreased -24.69% from 81 to 61. This after it moved 9.46% from 74 to 81.

2016 61
2015 81
2014 74


1st Quarter 2016 Burlington MA Condo Property Sale Statistics

For additional 1st quarter 2016 Burlington MA condo property sale statistics or reports for nearby communities, contact Peter DaMore , Attorney at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr. These figures were extracted from the Mass. MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is meant to offer a general overview of the real estate market, is not certified accurate, and may not necessarily encompass each condo transferred in Burlington.