Home sales reports can tell you quite a bit about a particular market. Patterns might change monthly, so it is useful to stay current if you are planning to purchase or sell in Burlington. The 1st quarter 2016 Burlington MA single family real estate sale statistics below may be helpful if you want to purchase or sell in Burlington.

Burlington MA single family Home Prices

Sale prices offer a quick glimpse of a certain market. The average sales price of single family homes in Burlington MA for the 1st quarter 2016 was 500917. During the corresponding time frame the previous year, that average was $513,170. This is a -2.39 % change. Before that, the average was $452,570.

2016 $500,917
2015 $513,170
2014 $452,570

Activity in the Burlington MA Market

Reviewing listing volume is useful for a few reasons. Low numbers typically mean lack of inventory, which then leads to a build up of demand and elevate home prices. This is often present in a sellers market. On the other hand, high inventory may result in an excess. Home buyers may have the advantage in that situation as sellers must vie for limited potential buyers.

In Burlington MA during the 1st quarter 2016, the listing volume was 29. This is a 20.83% change from the past year (which was24). Before that, it adjusted -11.11% from 27 to 24.

2016 29
2015 24
2014 27

2016 1st Quarter Average Listing Time in Burlington MA

Average listing time tell you the amount of time it takes to attract a viable buyer. It can tell you how hot the market is and what advantage, if any, you might have as either a buyer or seller. When properties are going under contract quickly, as a home buyer, you might not have the option of waiting before making a decision as the home may go under contract quickly. As a seller, it is helpful to set sensible expectations on marketing efforts. Do not forget that the listed price and condition of a certain home can affect that as well.

The Average listing time in Burlington MA for the 1st quarter increased 41.89% from 74 to 105. This after it changed 8.82% from 68 to 74.

2016 105
2015 74
2014 68


1st Quarter 2016 Burlington MA Single Family Real Estate Sale Statistics

For additional 1st quarter 2016 Burlington MA single family real estate sale statistics or details for other communities, please contact Peter DaMore at at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr. The information here was obtained from the Mass. MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is meant to provide a generic overview of the real estate market, is not guaranteed, and may not necessarily account for every single single family sold in Burlington.