Assisted showings is a term used for showings attended by listing agents. Buyers and sellers, and seller and buyer agents, typically have differing opinions about whether they are necessary or beneficial. Below is an overview of their views and the pros and cons of assisted showings for MA homes for sale.

Buyer and Seller Standpoints on Assisted Showings

Seller Opinions

People typically dislike allowing strangers look around their residence but they know it is necessary to sell their property. Sellers therefore like the thought of having someone they trust attend showings. Although uncommon, there are instances where items are stolen from a property or a home is not secured properly at the end of a visit. Sellers also see the benefit of having their agent pass along details on the easily missed features of their property.

Buyer Thoughts

Some purchasers appreciate the ability to obtain information from someone familiar with a listing. On the other hand, some will not particularly enjoy assisted showings for a couple of reasons. First, it can cause them to feel uncomfortable and inattentive. During a showing, buyers like to spend more time at homes they like and a smaller amount of time at those they do not. When another party is there, they feel obligated to view the entire home even if it is immediately clear that they have no interest. For homes they do like, they frequently feel hurried so as not to take a lot of time from the seller agent or imply that they really like the property (as it can affect their bargaining power in the future). Sometimes a listing agent engages in a great deal of discussion with a purchaser throughout a viewing, which is also a distraction. Lastly, purchasers cannot speak openly with each other and with their agent when a seller agent is in the room.

Real Estate Professional Perspectives on Assisted Showings

Listing Agent Feelings

Listing agents may find assisted showings very helpful in listing a home. Although a wealth of information may be provided in listing documents, purchasers or their agents may misinterpret or miss important facts. Being present offers seller agents the ability to cover those items and any worries or misconceptions. By simply being on site, they also also make sure that people are more respectful of the home and its possessions. However, scheduling a time may be even more cumbersome. Opportunities might be missed when scheduling conflicts occur.

Buyer Agent Challenges

Buyer agents often favor unassisted showings since they are quicker to schedule and allow for open conversations with their clients. It is hard enough arranging the schedules of the showing agent, buyer, and seller. When you compound that with the seller agent, it can become a challenge. This is particularly true when arranging multiple viewings for the same trip.

Pros And Cons Of Assisted Showings For MA Homes For Sale

There are many pros and cons of assisted showings for MA homes for sale and they may differ according to the individual perspectives. In the end, the choice rests with the home owner. Sellers should specifically think about the impact that it can have on the amount of buyers that can look at their residence and on the feelings that those individuals will have while touring it. The location, type of home, possessions, and many other details should also be taken into consideration. Sellers should discuss this with their real estate professional to make an arrangement that best safeguards and serves them in the marketing and sale of their property.