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Energy Tax Credit Tips For MA Home Owners

Energy tax credit tips for MA home owners offered by Peter Damore at Law Offices of Peter T. Damore Jr.... Read More

MA Single Family Houses On The Market

Single family houses are the most common category of real estate. As its name implies, they are individual unit dwellings. However, they do differ greatly in style and amenities. Below... Read More

Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Home in MA

Whether you are wanting to sell your property in the near future or are simply taking on new projects, there are several projects that specifically add value to your property.... Read More

Buying MA Short Sale Homes

Short sales are not the same as the normal home sale process. Prior to viewing or buying a short sale, it is critical that you know what they are and... Read More

Evaluating MA Custom Builders

Selecting a builder is often a big decision and may involve a stressful process. Using the right individuals for your project is critical to its success. When looking for MA... Read More

Tips On Finding Real Estate Listings In MA

Information on Tips On Finding Real Estate Listings In MA - by Peter Damore at Law Offices of Peter T. Damore Jr..... Read More

MA New Construction Energy Saving Ideas

When building a new house, there are features that you might select up-front that may reduce energy consumption and save money in the future. Many often think of appliances when... Read More

Entering MA Home Building Sites

It is natural to be interested in the building of a new home and try to visit the site regularly. However, unscheduled visits may not be safe and will interrupt... Read More

MA Loan Specialists

Obtaining a home loan may be a difficult process because of the different loan options, the paperwork involved, and the qualification process. Getting help from local MA loan specialists will... Read More

Listing Your Home In MA As-is

Information on Listing Your Home In MA As-is, The Benefit to Sellers, Disclosure of Known Issues, Definition of As-Is, and Buyer Beliefs... Read More