When building a new house, there are features that you might select up-front that may reduce energy consumption and save money in the future. Many often think of appliances when evaluating energy efficiency, but even construction products will affect energy usage. Below are some MA new construction energy saving ideas to consider.

Roof and Siding Colors

Dark shingle and siding colors absorb heat, increasing the heat inside the house. Your air conditioner will work harder to compensate. Selecting lighter colored shingles will deflect the sun rather than absorb its heat. There are other more drastic solutions such as a white roof (specially designed reflective material) or green roofs (with plantings).

Windows with Added Efficiency

Windows are a major source of air exchange. Windows with double panes provide more insulation. Additionally, adding a low-emittance glaze between panes helps to further suppress heat transfer through the window. Low-E material is essentially invisible. Different types of glaze are offered to accommodate particular weather conditions. High solar gain options are better for regions with cold climates, and low solar gain glazings are great for warmer climates that use more cooling. It is also a good idea to evaluate window placement to make use of natural sunlight. This may reduce the need for electricity.

Appliance Selections

Energy Star products function more efficiently (as identified by testing). Therefore, they save money and help preserve our environment. You may search for Energy Star products online or at local retail stores. They will display the energy star logo with figures on the resources consumed under normal operation. Energy Star alternatives are widely offered, so you will not generally need to select between functionality and energy efficiency.

Insulation Considerations

Insulation is key to establishing an obstacle between the interior and exterior air. It is naturally more cost-effective to add it during construction than to attempt it after a house is completed. To be the most effective, your house should be insulated along all exterior spaces. If you have a below grade level, think about insulating bulkhead doorways and hot water pipes.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Fuel burning HVAC systems ordinarily include a percent efficiency rating. The higher the amount, the better the efficiency. The cost may range depending on brand and efficiency. If you live in colder regions, investing in better systems may reduce your expenses by a large amount.

More MA New Construction Energy Saving Ideas

Home building includes many options. Remember to include energy efficiency in your evaluation of different products and materials. Think about environmental effect and up-front expense relative to ongoing savings. In many cases, picking energy efficient alternatives is a clear decision when you look at the big picture. Start by consulting with your home builder for creative solutions and suggestions.