Property disputes are typically one of the most stressful types of disagreements. Usually, your home is your haven. It’s not a very pleasant one if you are surrounded by conflict and must interact with your neighbor on some level each day. In many cases, disputes would have been prevented had each party handled matters differently. Given that you can’t easily pick up and move, it’s best to approach neighbor relations tactfully from the start. Here are some tips on minimizing property disputes in Massachusetts.

Communicate Openly

Anytime you are making changes to your home that may somehow impact your neighbor, take the time to tell them about it ahead of time. This is especially true when dealing with changes right along the property line such as installing fencing or altering trees or shrubbery that may cover both properties. Advance notice is an act of respect and can go a long way. Your neighbor may follow your example and do the same should they decide to make any changes to their property in the future. If your neighbor expresses concern or disagreement with your changes, at least you will be aware of this ahead of time rather than after the fact.

A Little Consideration Goes a Long Way

Although you are not required to get your neighbor’s blessing to make changes to your own property, accommodating some of their needs can go a long way in establishing good neighbor relations. For example, if you plan on cutting down some trees that separate your two properties and your neighbor expresses concern about losing their privacy, perhaps you should considering leaving a few trees behind. This generous act will maintain friendly ties.

More on Minimizing Property Disputes in Massachusetts

Before making any improvements along your property line, be sure to get a land survey to confirm the boundaries. This is important in minimizing property disputes in Massachusetts and avoiding a very costly mistake. Although invading your neighbor’s land may be an honest mistake, it could really tick them off and lead to lawsuits.

Save yourself the headache of dealing with angry neighbors by confirming property lines ahead of time, communicating with your neighbors, and giving them a little consideration in your plans.