When real estate is marketed for sale, it is standard to display photos. Listing agents may also provide virtual tours or slideshows. Each is compiled using a different method and offers a different visual aspect of a property. Read below for an introduction to MA real estate virtual tours versus slideshows.

Virtual Tours Explained

Virtual tours are compiled using videography and can provide a more accurate perspective on the configuration and space of a residence. It can highlight areas that are difficult to capture in regular photos. It is essential to predetermine the route taken through a property when recording the video. Lighting, video stability, music selection, and other factors are also important as they can impact the feelings that home buyers are left with.

What Are Slideshows

Slideshows involve scheduled rotation of still photography in a video-like manner. Individual still photos are taken and then displayed one after another with animation effects between them. They can fade in and out or slide by one another at a particular rate and sequence. They can be ordered to give viewers a impression that they are walking through a home using a particular path (mimicking a virtual tour).

MA Real Estate Virtual Tours Versus Slideshows

There are advantages and disadvantages to slideshows and virtual tours. Virtual tours may offer full panoramic views, but music and other effects may unexpectedly impact viewer opinions. They can also be more time consuming to create and can take more time to load and display depending on the length of the video and Internet speeds. Slideshows, on the other hand, typically display much more quickly. They also allow people to forward or go back to specific snapshots without taking much time. The disadvantage is that the perspectives of pictures may be restricted or not instill the desired impression. When done professionally, both virtual tours and slideshows will help sell a home. For more information on MA real estate virtual tours versus slideshows and other listing services, contact Peter DaMore at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr..