Remaining organized will help keep the home purchase experience less stressful. With all the things that you need to take care of, you might forget a few common to-dos. The home buyer to-do's prior to closing in this article provides items you should not miss.

Register Children for School

If you have kids attending school, call school administrative offices to find out what documentation you will need for new students. You normally must have records from the existing school. You might also need copies of medical records and proof of residency. Lastly, the process may need to be performed at the school.

Update Auto Insurance

Notify your insurance company of your new address. Your premium may change as a result. If you are moving to another state, you must also register your vehicles and apply for a new drivers license. Many have reciprocity and do not require a test.

Change Address

To ensure that you receive your mail, change your address and request mail forwarding. Mail forwarding is done through the US Postal Service either online or at their local branch. It is offered as a temporary solution and thus stays in place for a brief timeframe. Inform everyone of the change including credit card companies, insurance companies, employment companies, and family and friends.

Initiate Utility Service

At least one week ahead of closing, contact utility services to terminate existing services and set up new ones. Remember electricity, fuel (oil/gas), Internet and cable, and phone services. For usage based services, the companies often take a meter reading on the changeover day. If you forget to start service at the new address, then they might physically terminate the prior service and charge a fee to visit and restart it again. It is therefore critical to contact them in a timely manner to prevent disruption of service and unnecessary charges.

Other Home Buyer To-do's Prior To Closing

The above home buyer to-do's prior to closing are just some basic to-dos. There may be other to address depending on your particular scenario. For example, if you maintain a business, you will need to register the business. For help with your home purchase, contact Peter DaMore at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr..