As a home buyer or home seller, you have the benefit of finding a real estate professional to provide support and promote your interests. It takes more than calling real estate brokers. There is commonly a document detailing the agency, roles of real estate brokers, and your responsibilities. Below are some facts on why you should use real estate brokers in MA.

Real Estate Brokers Duties

Federal real estate law mandates that real estate agents perform certain responsibilities to their clients after they enter into an agency relationship.


All real estate agents must disclose important facts about a home,…usually known as material facts. The duty to provide this information also covers any facts that may determine feelings about a home or affect negotiating strategy.

Timely Action

Agents must complete tasks and honor wishes in a timely manner. This could be vital in scenarios with multiple offers. It is also critical once a contract is in place with certain deadlines.


Real estate agents must maintain confidentiality of client information. They may not disclose anything about your business, financial or personal affairs, or motivations unless instructed by their clients or mandated by a court to do so. This responsibility never expires even after settlement.


Real estate agents have a reasonable amount of knowledge when it comes to real estate matters and on the home buying and selling procedures, but they are not experts in related fields (such as legal issues). For guidance on matters outside of their knowledge, they will refer you to other resources.

Lawful Obedience

Agents must accept instructions from clients. For example, sometimes people ask agents to write an offer that the agent disagrees with. Real estate agents must execute those instructions despite the disagreement.


Agents must accurately track the transfer of all deposits related to a transaction. This refers to security deposits given and the return of such deposits where necessary.


Real Estate Agents must maintain the best interests of their clients above any other individuals, including themselves. Earnings, especially in competing offer situations, must not be a consideration and would be conflicting interests. Keeping information private is also a facet of loyalty.

Why You Should Use Real Estate Brokers In MA

Hiring an agent has many benefits. In addition to what is mentioned above, real estate brokers have an even more vital role of influencing communication between buyers and sellers. The real estate process can be very complicated. Having the influence of a person that promotes your interests but is not emotionally involved can improve interactions and lead to desirable conclusions. This summarizes why you should use real estate brokers in MA. Contact Peter DaMore at 781-229-7900 or for additional information.