Home Buyer Tips

Homeowners Insurance for Home Purchases in MA

Homeowners insurance is required for home purchases in MA. If it's your first time buying a home, you may be wondering what is required before and after closing. Here's what you need to know about homeowners insurance. Securing Homeowners Insurance Before Home Purchases in MA Before your scheduled

Mortgage Points | Should You Pay Points on Your Mortgage?

If you're evaluating mortgage options for a MA home purchase, you may be presented with a few different loan options. One common option is to pay points for a lower interest rate. Should you pay points on your mortgage? Before deciding, here are a few things that you should know. What Are Mortgage

Tax Deductible Homeownership Expenses

As the year comes to a close, we all know that tax season is right around the corner. One of the benefits of homeownership is the ability to deduct certain expenses from your income taxes, thereby reducing the amount of taxes that you may owe. Learn about tax deductible homeownership expenses and

MA Holiday Home Showings

It's the holidays, but that doesn't halt your home buying plans. If anything, you may take advantage of the extra days off to continue your house hunting. Before you cancel all of your personal holiday plans to dedicate time to MA holiday home showings, keep a few things in mind. Sellers May Delay

Avoid Closing Delays in Massachusetts | MA Homebuyer Tips

As you go through the process of buying home, the closing date is what you look forward to most. It marks the end of the home buying process and the start of the homeownership journey. You plan so many things around that special date,... packing, moving, child care, days off from work, etc. Closing

Tips for Unmarried Homebuyers in MA

Buying a home with someone who is not your spouse can get a little complicated. There are some important considerations before, during, and after the home buying process. The following tips for unmarried homebuyers in MA may help. Ownership Relationships In the deed that grants you ownership of

Energy Tax Credit Tips For MA Home Owners

There are two different tax credits offered for homeowners who make energy efficient improvements. Credits directly reduce the tax owed and will, therefore, save money. This article offers energy tax credit tips for MA home owners. Two Different Tax Credits The Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Fuel

The Meaning Of Color And Home Design Tips

Here's a little something for all of our home buyer clients. Before selecting colors for a home, contemplate the meaning of color. All colors generate distinct emotions. It can also alter the size of a space. Lastly, it may impact the resale price of a property. Below, we will provide information on

MA Single Family Houses On The Market

Single family houses are the most common category of real estate. As its name implies, they are individual unit dwellings. However, they do differ greatly in style and amenities. Below is some introductory information on MA single family houses on the market. Attraction of Single Family

Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Home in MA

Whether you are wanting to sell your property in the near future or are simply taking on new projects, there are several projects that specifically add value to your property. Some might cost more than others. Some ways to improve the value of your home are below. A Fresh Coat of Paint Adding a