Personal Injury

If you have experienced a personal injury, we can provide guidance and representation. We commonly assist clients with the following types of personal injury cases:
– Motor Vehicle Accidents
– Hit & Run
– Slip & Falls
– General Liability
– Products Liability
– Premises Liability
– Lead Paint Liability
– Assault & Batteries

Overview Of Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws

Every state has specific regulations on blood alcohol limits and punishment for drunk driving. There can be more than one set of guidelines and varying penalties differing in severity. In this blog is an overview of Massachusetts drunk driving laws. Definition of Legally Drunk In the state of

Negligence In Personal Injury Lawsuits – MA Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawsuits often arise when a party has been harmed by another and applies to many different scenarios. Negligence is a term frequently applied in such lawsuits. Below is an introduction to negligence in personal injury lawsuits from MA personal injury lawyers. Defining Negligence The

Using MA Personal Injury Attorneys For Pedestrian Accidents

If you are a victim of a pedestrian accident, it is very important to speak with a personal injury attorney to understand your rights and options. It may be hard to think about this immediately following an accident, but that is also when you are most unprotected and may require the help and counsel

What To Do If Involved In Car Accidents In Burlington MA

There are certain things that you should do right after car accidents to preserve your rights. Knowing them ahead of time may help when faced with the situation. This article offers an overview of what to do if involved in car accidents in Burlington MA. What To Do If Involved In Car Accidents In