Property sellers and buyers must stay up to date on changes in the market. Market statistics can help you get a sense of the what is going on now and make important decisions. The property summary for Burlington MA 2015 1st quarter in this blog includes some useful data.

Burlington MA condo Property Prices

Selling prices give an overall indication of where the market is going. The average selling price of condo properties in Burlington MA for the quarterly 2015 was 2,225. During the previous year, it was $564,000. This is a -57.05 % difference. In the year before that, it was $460,809.

2015 $242,225
2014 $564,000
2013 $460,809

Burlington MA Market Movement

Evaluating number of homes sold is helpful for a few reasons. Few sales normally mean reduced inventory, which contributes to a build up of demand and elevate prices. This may be apparent in a sellers market. On the other hand, too much inventory can result in an excess. Home buyers can have the advantage in that situation as sellers will vie to get their houses sold.

In Burlington MA for the 1st quarter 2015, the number of homes sold was 4. This increased -81.82% from the past year (which was2). In the year before that, it changed -81.82% from 11 to 2.

2015 4
2014 2
2013 11

2015 1st Quarter Average Listing Time in Burlington MA

Average listing time details the length of time it requires for a home to get under contract. It may tell you how active the market is and what advantage, if any, you could have as either a buyer or seller. When houses are going under agreement in fewer days, as a buyer, you might not have the luxury of waiting delaying a decision as the listing may be under contract quickly. As a home seller, it is important to keep sensible expectations for how long it may take to sell. Keep in mind that the price and presentation of a specific property will affect the time frame.

The Average listing time in Burlington MA for the 1st quarter increased 9.46% from 74 to 81. During the previous period, it moved -26.73% from 101 to 74.

2015 81
2014 74
2013 101

Property Summary For Burlington MA 2015 1st Quarter

For additional property summary for Burlington MA 2015 1st quarter data or statistics for other cities and towns, please contact Peter DaMoreat at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr. The figures above was obtained from the MA MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is intended to provide a basic overview of the market, is not guaranteed accurate, and may not account for every condo sold in Burlington.