Selling prices in Burlington MA are at a 3 year high. The lack of inventory and abundance of buyers is leading to an increase in sale prices. The following are Burlington MA single family average price of homes sold over the last 12 quarters.

Burlington MA Average Price Of Homes Sold

The average price of homes sold in Burlington MA increased 13.87% from $410,005 to $466,887 over the last quarter. This after it decreased -0.05% from $410,202 to $410,005 the previous quarter. Prior to that there was a 4.13% change. These figures show no consistent pattern over the last few years.

2010 3rd quarter $409,122
2010 4th quarter $400,194
2011 1st quarter $373,895
2011 2nd quarter $398,968
2011 3rd quarter $403,232
2011 4th quarter $355,975
2012 1st quarter $400,656
2012 2nd quarter $391,908
2012 3rd quarter $393,934
2012 4th quarter $410,202
2013 1st quarter $410,005
2013 2nd quarter $466,887

Further Burlington MA Real Estate Sales Statistics

For additional statistics on the Burlington MA real estate sales Statistics or data for neighboring regions, please contact Peter DaMore, Attorney at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr., at 781-229-7900 or Note: These statistics were received from third party sources including public records and the MLS Property Information Network, Inc. They are meant to provide a general overview of the market, are not guaranteed accurate, and may not include every single family sold in Burlington.