The real estate economy not only varies every year, but additionally based on the month. There are a few false facts about selling a home during various times of year. Below is information on why sell homes in MA during the holidays.

Active Buyers

Fewer properties are on the market during the the holidays. Home buyers still need to find homes and move during the first several months of the new year, so the winter months are when they need to locate a home. Being one of the limited listings for sale offers you a higher chance of going under agreement.

Buyer Motivation

A previous study by showed that 79% of buyers searching during the holidays were more serious. 61% felt that less competition for homes for sale to be a plus. Additionally, potential buyers have additional time to see listings during the holidays. Relocating home buyers also frequently use the time off to explore a property search. It is therefore not uncommon to hear of homes going under contract around Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Why Sell Homes In MA During The Holidays

If you are hesitant about listing your property during the holidays, consider the chances you may be forgoing from home buyers who truly need to find a property and are viewing homes on the market. Holding off until several months may lead to your listing being lost amongst the volume of new homes for sale or needing to be priced lower due to the competition. Homes go under agreement during all seasons, but the number of listings and number of buyers will change and impact home prices.

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