A heat wave is upon us! If you’re trying to sell your home, this could present some challenges. Consider these tips when showing your home for sale during a heat wave…

Control Air Temperature

If you have central air, then you should obviously turn it on! If not, think about installing some window air conditioners. It’s important that your home is cool and comfortable for visitors. Otherwise, they may not want to spend much time in your home. Buyers will associate the discomfort with your home itself and it would not make a very good impression. If they’re not comfortable at a showing, they certainly won’t be comfortable living there!

Provide Refreshments

Cater to your guests by providing a cold drink. They will truly appreciate a cold bottle of water on a hot day while viewing your home. Plus, they will think you’re such a nice seller and will want to work with you!

Offer a Bit of Shade

Summertime is when potential home buyers can really appreciate a yard. You want people to imagine having summer barbecues and entertaining guests back there. But, if your hard is in the hot sun, buyers might be too uncomfortable to imagine anything pleasant. Help buyers see the potential of your yard by providing some shade via an umbrella or other covering.

Bring in the Sun

The last tip on showing your home for sale during a heat wave is to take advantage of all the sunlight. Bring the light indoors by rolling up your window blinds and pulling aside the curtains. A bright home is cheerful and inviting. Good lighting can also make your home feel more spacious.