It is essential to make your residence presentable during showings. When home buyers visit your house, they must be able to imagine occupying the space. Preparing your MA property for sale entails some simple tasks and can lead to your home selling sooner and for closer to asking price. Below you will find advice for MA real estate.

Showing Preparation – Advice For MA Real Estate

Make Things Neutral

While your home is listed, make the rooms less personal. This involves removing content that can distract buyers or give them preconceptions about who you are as a seller. Eliminate private photographs and fixtures that express strong sentiments.

Remove Expensive Items

No matter how closely you or your agent keep an eye on people at showings, accidents may take place and items might get stolen. Secure your valuables by putting them in a hidden place. Pay specific attention to small pieces that may be quickly taken from your property. Also, toddlers may be present, so hide any things that are fragile and within reach of young guests.

Clean and Clear

Clean your entire home. Unclean surfaces and floors reduce the interest of potential buyers. Be sure to reduce clutter. Cluttered spaces or overflowing furniture will make rooms appear smaller. Consider an off-site storage space for unused furniture and other items. Clean closets, cabinets, and other spaces as people tend to view them. A neat and clutter-free property enables people to overlook your personal furnishings.

Address Repairs

Hide fixtures that are not part of the sale. This reduces misconceptions. Additionally look for damages such as cracks in walls, damaged floor tiles, and dripping drains. When potential buyers notice minor items that are unfixed, they presume that you likely avoid critical issues through the years.

Preparing Your MA Property For Sale and Final Tasks

Lastly, there are several to-dos that you can complete immediately prior to a showing.

  • Empty Trash Cans
  • Organize the Beds
  • Store the Laundry
  • Turn on All the Lights

Preparing your MA property for sale will lead to more interest from buyers and better offers. For more guidance on showing preparation or advice for MA real estate, contact Peter DaMore 781-229-7900 or