MA homeowners should consider the potential increase in the value of their property compared to the cost of specific changes before completing any updates. Some alterations may be more advantageous than others. The following is advice on MA home renovations creating the most value.

MA Home Renovations Creating The Most Value

Property owners usually hope to regain the entire amount of money fromrepairs when it comes time to sell. This is a normal tendency, but it is not realistic. Different home improvements provide different returns, and that change in value can differ based on regions. To give you an overview on home renovations creating the most value, here are a few nationwide estimates.


These figures were obtained from the Remodeling Magazine Cost Versus Value Report.

Project Expense Added Home Value Cost Returned
Home Office Remodel $27,963 $11,983 42.9 %
Garage Door Update $1,512 $1,087 71.9 %
Bathroom Upgrades $16,552 $10,293 62.2 %
Minor Kitchen Upgrade $19,588 $14,120 72.1 %
Master Suite Addition $106,196 $62,874 59.2 %

Evaluating Home Renovations Creating The Most Value

Another factor determining the value of projects is the quality and scale. Kitchen renovations, for example, can be completed using different quality products leading to a different return on investment. So, not only might you think about the type of renovation but also the brands and quality of materials. For a detailed list of home updates and currentMA home renovations creating the most value, visit