Home inspections are an examination of the structure and all major systems by a qualified professional. It normally involves an examination of every visible aspect of the interior and exterior of a house. A certified home inspector has evaluated hundreds of homes and is therefore informed on all the features of home construction, heating and other major systems, and how they all should function. Even a knowledgeable home owner may not have the expertise of an experienced inspector. MA property inspection guidance for buyers and sellers can be found below.

MA Property Inspection Guidance

Real Estate Buyer Guidance

Home buying is a huge investment that you should not go into blindly. An inspection details the condition of a residence and needed repairs. You may realize that some issues are minimal and may be easily addressed, while others may convince you not to proceed with purchasing a specific listing. Alternatively, an inspection can also confirm that a property is in great condition. Either way, having this valuable knowledge will help you make better investment decisions. A real estate professional can help you strategize and negotiate inspection results in a way that is reasonable yet simultaneously protects your interests.

Home Owner Guidance

Home owners can complete property inspections to find necessary repairs in their home before marketing it for sale. A repaired home may sell for a higher price than one in disrepair. If you choose not to repair the issues identified, be aware that you are required to list any known issues to prospective buyers. This is not necessarily a bad situation since buyers would undoubtedly see them after their own inspection and may demand concessions. By giving them the details in advance, buyers can keep it in mind when making a bid, minimizing the potential added expense of addressing it later in the sale process.

Other Considerations

The expense of an inspection often depends on the features of a property. Additional charges may apply for comprehensive testing of items such as sewer systems. Fees may also differ depending on the level of the inspector. Understand the background of an inspector by reviewing training, experience, and professional affiliations. In the end, an inspection is critical taking into account the large investment that you will be making in the home. For additional advice on MA property inspection guidance and guidance for home buyers and sellers, contact PeterDaMore at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr. by calling 781-229-7900 or emailing pdamore@ptdlaw.com.