A typical decision for many buyers is whether to purchase a condo or single family. Each includes different advantages. Buyers expectedly evaluate prices between the two options, but there are added factors that must be considered. Below are some things to consider when deciding between MA condo versus single family homes.


Although unattached units are sometimes an option, most condos are adjoined to other units. Thus, you would share a wall as well as other areas. If detachment and privacy are essential, then a single family house is a better solution.

Rehab Options

The power to perform renovations is a primary distinction between MA condo versus single family homes. With condos, there are limitations to what you are allowed to do to your home. In some condos, you can change the inside of the home so long as it does not tamper with shared components. Exterior features are typically managed by the condo association. For single families, you only have the applicable building codes to consider.

Routine Maintenance

Most condos have a condo fee that includes such items as building maintenance and shared areas. So, you do not have to manage certain tasks as a condo unit owner. With single families, you are responsible for all of the maintenance, both inside and out. If you maintain a busy schedule, the simplified a condo could be a good match.

Social Interactions

Because of the proximity to other homes and the inclusion of amenities, MA condo versus single family homes can be very different. With condos, you have more opportunities to interact with neighbors (such as in common areas). With single family homes, your space is separated from neighbors, so meeting neighbors can take more effort. However, some single family homes located in planned communities may also provide chances to interact with others if they include shared amenities.

Comparing MA Condo Versus Single Family Homes

There technically is no universal answer to MA condo versus single family homes and which is better than the other. Each offers different benefits. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences. Do you want to complete less maintenance? Do you want extra privacy? What type of social setting do you prefer? How much power do you need for home renovations? By reviewing these questions and knowing how it applies to MA condo versus single family homes, you can select which is the better choice for your situation.