There are many things that influence home insurance rates. Insurance providers evaluate information on the home itself and on the property owner. What may affect home insurance rates in MA is detailed in this article and can be useful for both new and existing property owners.

Home Condition

Insurance companies will want specific information on a property including materials used and plumbing and electrical. Newer buildings are typically less expensive than older ones since they include better safety features and materials. Newer plumbing, electrical, and HVAC equipment usually reduce the risk of fire and other issues. Fire resistant materials, brick siding for example, will also lower insurance estimates. Unique home features, on the other hand, may result in higher premiums since it adds to the replacement value.

The physical location of a building influences the estimated risk of forest fires, theft, natural disasters, etc. Insurance companies will often ask about the proximity of the nearest fire station or hydrant. Shorter distances and response times can minimize the amount of damage, which can lower the extent of any claims filed. If your home is in an area common to hurricanes, tornadoes, or forest fires, your insurance costs will normally be higher (some of these conditions must have separate coverage riders).

Personal Characteristics

Insurance companies often evaluate two critical pieces of information. For starters, they will pull your previous home insurance claims. In the eyes of insurance companies, homeowners with a history of filings are likely to file additional ones. Therefore, those homeowners should be assessed a higher insurance rate. In some instances, they will even be refused coverage.

Credit scores are also reviewed. Historically those with better credit ratings create fewer insurance claims. They are therefore less costly to have as clients and will benefit from less expensive insurance premiums.

Why It Is Helpful to Be Aware of What May Affect Home Insurance Rates In MA

Understanding the factors that affect home insurance rates will help you save money. If you are purchasing a property, think about requesting a general estimate. This can affect your monthly figures and can even affect whether you can afford a specific home. If you are already a homeowner, carefully think before starting claims on your home insurance policy unless the dollar value of the claim is high. Filing low claims can end up hurting you much more in the long run than simply absorbing the cost yourself. Also, be sure to continually try to improve your credit score. All of this will help reduce home insurance rates. What may affect home insurance rates in MA, as detailed above, is provided merely as an overview. Contact your insurance company for more comprehensive information.