Moving may be one of life's most troublesome occasions, especially for children. To help children cope with the change, there are many things that you may do before, amidst, and after the event. This article contains family moving ideas.

Before the Move

Stress hits as you start planning. Communicating is critical. Make sure kids understand the process. Include them in the planning to instill excitement. Focus on all of the great things that will come from the move instead of people they are saying good-bye to.

While Moving

Change is hard for everyone. As stressed as you will be, try to remain enthusiastic. Your demeanor has a big effect on your kids and their mood. Below are a few other things you may do while moving.

Familiarity – While moving, remember to set aside familiar toys instead of making kids wait for movers to show up and boxes to be unloaded. This will minimize distress.

Schedules – Moving may temporarily disrupt regular routines. Attempt to continue routines such as stories, meals, and other activities.

Make It Fun – Make the transition fun by doing things like camping out in the living room on a night before the furniture arrives. This is fun for the kids plus sleeping in the same space can be comforting to have the family sleeping in the same room during their first night in a new space.

After the Big Day

Sometimes distractions are the key to eliminating stress. Try to do several fun things in a new property. This creates memories. Here are a few ideas.

Movie Night – Gathering for a favorite movie makes your new house feel familiar.

Establish New Favorites – Most families have a favored restaurant or playground. Find new favorites. Even better, find things that were not available in your previous neighborhood. It will make the new home seem special.

Personalizing the Home – Most homes need painting, so let your kids to help. Small kids may choose paint colors or accessories while older kids could perform some of the work. This involvement will give them some ownership of their new room.

Additional Family Moving Ideas

Keep in mind that kids will be sad or grumpy. Be understanding when they act up with the understanding that they may need room to deal with the move. Keep good communication so they feel comfortable expressing their feelings. This also gives you the opportunity to help them through it. Attempt the family moving ideas above and think of other creative things to do with your kids.