With so many construction companies available, it may be confusing determining what type you need for your building project. Starting from plot plans to designs and materials, each builder may do things somewhat differently. There are a number of things to keep in mind regarding custom vs. production builders in MA.

What Are Custom Builders

Although some custom builders will use lots that belong to them, some prefer that buyers own their own land. This gives you the ability to control the design. As the name suggests, custom builders typically specialize in custom homes. Some custom builders may even include specialized design services. They also construct high-end, single family homes, and turn out a low amount of homes per year. For individuals with healthy budgets, selecting a custom builder will offer the most control and flexibility.

What Are Production Builders

Production builders often follow standardized building practices and have less flexibility than custom builders. They regularly work on lots that they purchased and only allow you to select from a set of standard plans. However, they may provide a variety of options on things such as floor materials, counter tops, cabinets and lighting. Production builders handle all forms of housing, from single-family homes to town houses and commercial properties. They also cover different price ranges from introductory to luxury. Lastly, their volume is often greater than that of custom builders. If you are budget limited, production builders may be a more feasible selection.

Custom Vs. Production Builders In MA

Please note that the above information on custom vs. production builders in MA are merely common characteristics. Some builders are hybrids. Although cost is a major factor in receiving some of your wants and receiving all that you want, you also need to consider just how much input you would like going into your new property. Availability of land for sale may also be a deciding factor. Regardless of which route you take, most builders will offer a certain level of customization. In the end, you will want a property that best suits both your wishes and your finances.