As you go through the process of buying home, the closing date is what you look forward to most. It marks the end of the home buying process and the start of the homeownership journey. You plan so many things around that special date,… packing, moving, child care, days off from work, etc. Closing delays can therefore be very stressful. Here are a few ways to keep your real estate transaction on track and avoid closing delays in Massachusetts.

Understand Mortgage Timelines

Before submitting an offer on a home, make sure that either you or your real estate agent checks in with your lender. Find out how much time the lender needs to issue mortgage commitments and schedule closings. Knowing this information ahead of time will avoid delays later on in the process.

Provide Financial Paperwork Early

Your lender may have only asked for preliminary paperwork to prepare your pre-approval. More extensive financial documents (tax returns, bank statements, paystubs, etc.) are typically needed to process your loan. Make sure you know what they require and provide those documents as early in the process as possible. This will save significant time later and avoid unnecessary delays.

Submit Disclosure Documents ASAP

Changes in mortgage laws require your lender to follow certain timelines when it comes to  paperwork and closings. When your lender sends you disclosures to sign, be sure to do so right away. Consider faxing back or dropping off paperwork rather than sending it via snail mail. It’s possible that they are waiting for that documentation in order to proceed with the next steps. This is particularly important if you have a short timeframe for the mortgage commitment and/or closing.

Don’t Submit Last Minute Changes

Your loan must go through underwriting review for approval. Any changes that affect the financial figures will require your loan to go back through this underwriting process, which can be time consuming. For example, changing the amount borrowed, down payment percentage, contributions to closing costs, amount of closing costs rolled into the loan, or loan program directly impacts the figures and loan processing. Discuss all options and make decisions when you first submit your application to avoid closing delays.

More on How to Avoid Closing Delays in Massachusetts

Understanding the process and what is required of you as a homebuyer can help avoid closing delays in Massachusetts. Always submit requested documentation promptly to your lender and try not to make last minute changes after you’ve submitted your loan. This ensures that everything can stay on track with your loan approval and your closing.