DaMore School of Real Estate

The DaMore School of Real Estate is an authorized Massachusetts Real Estate School located at 279 Cambridge Street, Burlington, Massachusetts, providing educational training classes and seminars to real estate agents and the general public throughout Massachusetts.

The DaMore School of Real Estate employs experienced licensed real estate instructors to teach courses and seminars, including Peter DaMore, the founder of DaMore Law since its inception in 1999. Attorney DaMore is considered one of the most experienced real estate conveyancing attorneys in Massachusetts with over 25 years in practice and over 18,000 real estate transactions under his belt. Peter strives as part of his practice to provide practical insight and education on all aspects of the buying and selling process to real estate agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. Not only does he seek to provide a comprehensive overview of the law, but he also provides practical real-life advice and viable solutions to all sorts of issues from common closing hiccups to very complicated disputes that may arise during the buying or selling process. Peter’s extensive experience in all aspects of real estate law means that, as a licensed real estate instructor, he along with his team of attorneys and instructors, are providing their audiences with the best educational experience possible.

Below is a link to many of the approved Continuing Education classes DaMore School of Real Estate offers to Massachusetts real estate agents for continuing education credits:   https://www.mass.gov/service-details/real-estate-continuing-education-course-listings

In additional to real estate agent licensing and continuing educational classes, DaMore School of Real Estate offers seminars to buyers, first time homebuyer, sellers, lenders, investors, and many others on a variety of real estate related topics.

For up-and-coming real estate agents, DaMore School of Real Estate is now offering a mentorship program. Attorney DaMore or one of his experienced real estate attorneys is always on-call to answer questions and provide guidance to those in need throughout the buying and selling process. We understand and appreciate that time is of the essence when it comes to real estate conveyancing, and our team is always ready, willing and able to educate and advise.

With Covid now in our rear-view mirror, we are very excited to open our newly constructed training center. Thank you to our newest BACC members, Susan & Paul Kadilak of Kadilak Homes/Pamko Construction for doing such an amazing job. We cannot wait to hold live events in the very the near future. Details to follow!

If you are interested in attending some of our classes, or if you are just looking for some quick guidance or even a second opinion, we are here to help. Our goal and our mission is to support the real estate community through education. We encourage you to reach out! At DaMore School of Real Estate, we’re invested in the community as much as our customer care. Always accessible, always reliable.

For more information contact the DaMore School of Real Estate via email at school@damore-law.com or visit our website at https://www.damore-law.com/damore-school-of-real-estate/

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