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Those who live in eastern and central Massachusetts know that buying a modest, move-in condition home for about 400K is a great bargain. For those who don’t live in New England, those prices must seem like sheer lunacy. Some prefer to just visit New England, and that might be a wise idea. Who would want to spend that much money for a home? However, others know that if they’re lucky enough to earn a high salary in this region, the prices might not seem all that bad, as the cultural, educational, medical and historical preservation elements help create a high quality of living. It’s a shame that many hard-working people of lower or middle class status won’t have the opportunity to buy around this region, but for those who do, we have compiled a list of the top, most reasonably affordable places to raise a family. The following towns offer good value for the money (relatively speaking), offer lots of safe suburban and rural living, and good-to-excellent school systems:

Burlington: northwest Boston suburb

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