An article about Creative Solutions to Common N.E. Design Problems was published by and on February 14, 2017. Here are some helpful and interesting suggestions by Chris Chu, an architect in West Newton, who specializes in residential design. He shares some of his project experiences and successful ways he has managed to make the most of what many homeowners face while trying to update a typical colonial, New England style house.

Excerpt of Creative Solutions To Common N.E. Design Problems

A family wanted to create a bedroom in the attic. The contractors called in to see the space all said they would need to add a dormer. Working in the owners favor, however, was the fact the roof was a good pitch of about 10 in 12 (which means that if you went out 12 feet, the roof would be 10 feet high, or a 39.81 percent slope). I suggested they could put skylights lower in the roof in a position that is almost like a window…

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