Mediation is an important resource when going through divorce. As we often mention, it can save money, shorten the length of the divorce process, and reduce stress. However, it only works if you approach it correctly. Here are a few divorce mediation tips to keep in mind before starting mediation.

1 – Be Willing to Compromise

Compromise is the premise of mediation. As much as you may want a divorce to go entirely your way, the reality is, there will be some give and take. You can make that process easier or more difficult by your willingness to compromise. When you approach divorce with more flexibility and fairness, that might also encourage your ex-spouse to do the same.

2 – Set Aside Emotions

We know that divorces are filled with emotion and it’s nearly impossible to set that aside. However, when it comes to divorce negotiations, sometimes our emotions can get the best of us. As difficult as it may be, think of negotiations from a business perspective. How will one decision hurt or benefit your life after divorce? How does it fit with your overall goals? Will giving up one thing help you attain something else that’s even more important? Looking at it from a risk versus reward perspective can help you make better decisions.

3 – Communicate Your Thoughts and Opinions

Communication is key in any negotiation. Mediators are there to help you find common ground, but they can only do so if they understand where your position and the reasons behind them. Instead of giving yes or no answers to proposals, share why something is not acceptable or why you prefer a one option over another. Successful mediation is only possible with good communication, which is why communication is one of our top divorce mediation tips.

4 – Be Open to Creative Solutions

When divorce cases get in front of a judge, there are limited options considered. Judges don’t have as much time to review cases or to come up with alternative solutions. Additionally, laws may restrict what judges can order. Since mediation occurs outside of formal court proceedings, they provide an opportunity to be more creative and flexible. Take advantage of this and be open to different ideas. It often leads to much better outcomes!

Summary of Divorce Mediation Tips

Mediation can be the best approach to a divorce. Using creative solutions, you can leverage the mediation process to achieve your set goals while saving time and money. This only works if you approach it with an open mind and a willingness to communicate and compromise. We hope these divorce mediation tips are helpful and that you can take advantage of the many benefits of mediation in divorce. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Massachusetts family law attorneys. We can guide you through mediation and/or complex proceedings.