Knowing The Difference

Adoption and fostering are two terms that often get used interchangeably. However, these two concepts are both very different. Understanding the differences is vital if you are considering either option. This quick guide will help you understand adoption vs foster and what is the difference.

Beginning Of The Process

First off, the process of a child entering foster care looks much different than the process of adoption. The state or a social service system determines if a child is living in an environment that is dangerous, harmful, or neglectful of the child’s needs. When this happens, they are placed in a foster care system. 


Next, legal guardianship differs from adoption vs. foster care. In foster care, the parental rights of the child are still usually maintained by the legal guardian of the child. These rights are maintained until the child is placed for adoption. However, the parents who adopt a child receive those rights and full legal custody. 


Another major difference between adoption vs foster care is placement. Biological parents usually have a part in determining where a child is placed. However, foster care differs in this area. Biological parents do not have any involvement in determining where a child is placed or who they are with.


One of the single biggest differences in terms of adoption vs foster care is the cost. Adoption is done at the new parents’ own expense. They are required to pay adoption fees and raise the child with their own finances. On the other hand, foster parents are given government stipends so they are able to meet the child’s essential needs month to month without any worry. 


Finally, adoption vs foster care differs in their requirements. Both require thorough background checks, but foster parents also have to undergo parental training. Adoptive parents, however, do not have to go through this process.

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