Many people believe that estate planning is reserved only for specific individuals. Whether they assume it’s only for the extremely wealthy, the elderly, or business owners, they miss out on a crucial step to protecting their future. Estate planning is worthwhile for everyone. Here are various vital areas a lawyer for estate planning can handle.

Creating Your Will

Establishing your will is only the beginning of what a lawyer for estate planning can do for you. Your will determines where your assets are distributed after your passing. Without accurately and legally creating your will, you risk your belongings, estate, and other assets ending up in the wrong hands.

Saving Time & Money

If you don’t create a will before your passing, the probate court determines where your assets will go. The probate process can take years to complete. Probate fees, home appraisals, and attorney fees also add up to be extremely costly. Hiring a lawyer for estate planning saves you precious time and money.

Power of Attorney

A vital part of planning for the future is a power of attorney. This legal agreement allows someone else to make crucial decisions on your behalf if you are unable. Without establishing power of attorney, your finances can end up trapped. A lawyer for estate planning will ensure the person you trust most is legally allowed to handle decisions you need them to.

Health Care Proxy

Similar to power of attorney, a health care proxy appoints someone you trust to make critical medical decisions if you are incapacitated. Healthcare decisions can cause emotional turmoil between family members and loved ones. Your lawyer for estate planning will ensure your trusted appointee carries out your wishes.

Personalized Plans For The Future

Everyone can benefit from the protection of estate planning, but many people are unsure where to begin. At DaMore Law, we guide you through the entire process with exceptional service to create a personalized plan for you and your family. Contact us today to speak with one of our attorneys.