Market data can tell you a lot about what is going on in a specific market. Patterns could fluctuate often, so it is helpful to stay current if you are planning to purchase or sell in Burlington. The 2015 2nd quarter condo property summary for Burlington MA below includes some of the latest figures.

Prices of Condo Homes in Burlington MA

Home prices offer a simple glimpse of a particular market. The average sales price of condo homes in Burlington MA for the quarterly 2015 was 6,170. For the corresponding time frame the prior year, the average sale price was $287,301. It therefore increased 34.41 %. In the year before that, it was $468,700.

2015 $386,170
2014 $287,301
2013 $468,700

Volume of Listings Sold in Burlington MA

Volume of properties sold indicate some things about the housing market. Few sales typically result from little inventory, which contributes to a build up of demand and elevate prices. This is normally present in a sellers market. Alternatively, high inventory may result in a surplus. Home buyers may receive the upper-hand in that scenario as sellers must compete for limited buyers.

In Burlington MA during the 2nd quarter 2015, the volume of properties sold was 10. This represents a -27.27% difference from the previous year (which was8). Prior to that, it adjusted -27.27% from 11 to 8.

2015 10
2014 8
2013 11

2015 2nd Quarter Average Listing Time in Burlington MA

Average listing time is the time it takes to find a viable buyer. It can tell you how hot the market is and what advantage, if any, you could have as either a buyer or seller. When properties are moving in a short time frame, as a buyer, you may not have the luxury of waiting very long before making a decision as the home may no longer be on the market. As someone listing to sell a house, it is helpful to keep sensible expectations for marketing time. Keep in mind that the listed price and curb appeal of a particular house may affect that also.

The Average listing time in Burlington MA for the 2nd quarter decreased -45.61% from 57 to 31. In the time frame previous to that, it changed -70.47% from 193 to 57.

2015 31
2014 57
2013 193

2015 2nd Quarter Condo Property Summary For Burlington MA

For more 2015 2nd quarter condo property summary for Burlington MA facts or statistics for nearby communities, please contact Peter DaMore, Attorney at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr. This information was pulled from the Massachusetts MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is meant to offer a basic overview of the market, is not certified accurate, and may not necessarily include each condo sold in Burlington.