Personal injury lawsuits often arise when a party has been harmed by another and applies to many different scenarios. Negligence is a term frequently applied in such lawsuits. Below is an introduction to negligence in personal injury lawsuits from MA personal injury lawyers.

Defining Negligence

The technical definition of negligence is the failure to apply reasonable care. Determining negligence generally includes thinking about how a reasonably competent person would act in a similar situation. An individual may not intend to injure, but their carelessness or failure to act may lead to injury of another. In some situations, there may be comparative negligence. This describes when the actions of the person harmed might have contributed to the injuries.

Components of Lawsuits Relating to Negligence

Other than the cause of an event, there are other facts that relate to lawsuits based on negligence. First, the offending individual must have had a duty to use a certain level of care. Second, that party must have neglected to act within that responsibility. Third, that breach must have resulted in damages. Finally, there must be resulting damages for which the plaintiff is attempting to be compensated. Duty, breach, causation, and damages all influence personal injury lawsuits.

For example, municipal regulations may order dog owners to leash pets in public. If a pet owner allows his or her animal to run unleashes in a park and that animal bites someone, it could be decided that the failure to keep the dog on a leash directly led to harm to the victim. The damages can include hospital bills, and pain and suffering.

Negligence In Personal Injury Lawsuits

A party found to be negligent can be held liable for a range of damages. If the injured party has comparative negligence, then those damages can be adjusted accordingly. Examples of lawsuits involving negligence are animal bites, drownings, motor vehicle accidents, falls, and medical malpractice,… just to mention a few.

Employ MA Personal Injury Lawyers

The introduction in this blog is a simplistic discussion of negligence in personal injury lawsuits. Most lawsuits are complicated depending on the situation and the parties involved. It is important to hire experienced MA personal injury lawyers to evaluate your case and work for your best interests. Contact Peter DaMore at Law Offices of Peter T. DaMore Jr. for a free consultation on your personal injury case.