Tiffany Liu

Tiffany Liu
Real Estate Paralegal

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Tiffany embarked on her quest for knowledge at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History.

After her graduation, Tiffany dived into the world of retail and customer service, where she spent a decade working in luxury baby stores in the bustling city of Boston. This experience not only sharpened her customer service skills but also nurtured her knack for organized management.

Recognizing the need for a change and a new challenge, Tiffany decided to further her education by pursuing a Paralegal certificate at Boston University. This educational shift opened doors to a fresh and exciting career path. Over the next four years, she worked diligently as a real estate paralegal, gaining invaluable experience in the intricate world of real estate transactions.

In her free time, she immersed herself in a diverse range of fiber art projects. These creative endeavors allowed her to maintain and even enhance her customer service skills by showcasing and selling her art at various craft fairs. It was her way of staying connected to her artistic roots while pursuing a fulfilling career in law.

Beyond her professional life and artistic pursuits, Tiffany enjoys watching movies and TV shows.